Math Tutoring and Homework Club

All Junior High and High School Students are welcomed!

Need Math Tutoring? How about General Homework Help?

Does your child need a loving and safe environment where he or she can grow and learn? Come to CCCSB's TGIF Power Club where students can study and make new friends! Here at Chinese Community Church of South Bay, we obey Jesus' commandment to love one another just how He loved us, and we believe that helping students with their schoolwork is one way to do this. That is why this service is free. At CCCSB's TGIF Power Club, we have math tutors who can help students succeed academically and assistance to help students finish their homework. Registration starts on August 1st and class begins on September 15th.

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Our Tutoring Program:

This free tutoring program is open to junior high and high school students. Students looking for community service hours are also welcome to apply to become a TA.

  • Homework Club (6th - 12th Grade) - provide assistance in finishing school assignments
  • Math Tutoring (6th- 11th Grade)

Below are the application form and safety recognition form for the TGIF Power Club:
TGIF Power Club Application Form (English)
TGIF Power Club Application Form (Chinese)
TGIF Power Club Safety Recognition

Since we only have limited space for this tutoring program, all students are required to commit to attend the whole semester in order to reserve their space. As a courtesy for their fellow students, we encourage students to refrain from using electronic devices for gaming while the tutoring program is in session.

T.G.I.F Power Club

Time: 4:00-6:00 PM
Day: Fridays
Place: 1st Floor Classroom

(Pick up available for 3 students or more from the same school)

The Fall Semester session for the TGIF Power Club will begin on Sep 15th, 2017. (Fri)